We’re proud to be affiliated to The Backstage Centre, Purfleet.


The Backstage Centre is a versatile multi-use space, suitable for large-scale theatre productions and arena-scale band rehearsals. The centrepiece of The Backstage Centre, the fully-soundproof sound stage space is designed for arena-scale rehearsal and production work.


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  • Two 5m x 5m acoustic dock doors
  •  Space for four trailers
  • Car parking on site
  • Cable passes through to north yard, green room, foyer, production office and recording studio.
  • Direct access to backstage, goods lift, technical workshop, foyer and green room.
  • Tension Wire Grid
  • Four single purchase and four double purchase counterweight bars (18m)
  • Two hemp training sets
  • Twelve chain hoists
  • Twenty-Eight Travelling Beams
  • Show Relay (Audio and Visual)
  • RTS Comms
  • Patching for DMX, Comms, Video, Audio, Ethernet and Socapex
  • Hireable stock of Truss, Steeldeck, Drapes, Cable, LX, Sound, Rigging, AV and Comms
Tech Specs

Length 35m (114.9ft)
Width 25m (82ft)
Height 15m (49ft) [to underside of grid]
Area 875m2 9418.4ft2
Power/AV Stage lighting: 415kVA | Stage engineering: 235kVA | Audio visual: 120kVA | Technical power: 95kVA