Boa Ruby Light

Boa Ruby Light

Perfect for car interiors ! The BOA Ruby light is a flexible, bi-colour LED light and can be manipulated in to different shapes fitting the most awkward and difficult to light areas.

Since 2010, RUBY LIGHT has developed a complete range of lights for the cinema. The aim of BOA Ruby Light is to improve working conditions of the shooting crews, by considerably reducing the light for shooting.

Flexibility and Magnetisation
The BOA is magnetised and has calibrated projectors, measuring from 60 centimeters to 6 meters. With 200 magnets per metre, the fixing of the BOA has endless possibilities.

Power and Lightness
With 3100 lumens and 500 grams per metre, the weight- to-power ratio is optimised.

The BOA uses the best components and the best fabrics guaranteeing an excellent resistance to fire, heat, crushing and tearing. All products are robust and waterproof.

Low consumption
The BOA Ruby Light products with LEDs have a low level of electrical consumption. Ruby Light is committed to the environment and benefits from the Eco Prod label.

Unmatched ergonomics
The BOA lighting system is equipped with several attachment systems to deal with all situations:
Magnets: Easily illuminate car scenes and natural or industrial settings; you can even place the BOA on an angle to walls (the metallic corner props keep the BOAs in place) Velcros and self-adhesive tapes: The back of the BOA consists of minsucules soft loops that will cling to any surface “hook” scratch type; The BOAs come with a shape memory velcro allowing you to give them the look you want.