K5600 Joker Bug 1600

K5600 Joker Bug 1600

The K5600 Joker Bug 1600 is part of the well-known Joker Bug daylight range from K5600 Lighting, which is ideal for use on set for studio and film lighting or for location lighting.

The 1600 Bug-Lite has no optics. By removing the Beamer and quickly adding the protection beaker, the JB 1600 becomes a Bug-Lite for all these great applications in lightbanks and lanterns, creating perfectly even distribution within such accessories whatever the size (from Small to Large) and shape. The fact that the bulb is inside the diffusion tool eliminates hot spots and maximises output and can be used pointing straight down.

It features a specular reflector and a set of 4 traditional PAR 64 lenses – Medium, Wide, Super-Wide and a Frosted Fresnel. These lenses provide varying light patterns from 5 to 45 degrees and a maximum output due to the reflector design (Parabolic reflector) and finish.

There is no other lighting fixture on the market as versatile and user friendly than the Bug Lite 1600.

  • Use the Joker Bug 1600 as a Par or Bug Lite
  • Revolutionary ZOOM Beamer
  • This lensless focusable Beamer gives 15 to 60 degrees of even light output
  • The soft finish beautifully distributes light across your subject